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Парадиз (из романа "Пустые земли", 1974)
Истории Края Времени

O paradise! O paradise!
Who doth not crave for rest?
Who would not seek the happy land
Where they that loved are blest.

Where loyal hearts and true
Stand ever in the light.
All rapture through and through,
In God’s most holy sight?

O paradise! O paradise!
The world is growing old;
Who would not be at rest and free
Where love is never cold.

O paradise! O paradise!
Wherefore doth death delay,
Bright death, that is the welcome dawn
Of our eternal day?

O paradise! O paradise!
’Tis weary waiting here;
I long to be where Jesus is,
To feel, to see Him near.

O paradise! O paradise!
I want to sin no more,
I want to be as pure on earth
As on thy spotless shore.

O paradise! O paradise!
I greatly long to see
The special place my dearest Lord
In love prepares for me.

O paradise! O paradise!
I feel ’twill not be long;
Patience! I almost think I hear
Faint fragments of thy song.

Lord Jesu, King of paradise,
O keep me in Thy love,
And guide me to that happy land
Of perfect rest above.


перевод О. Колесникова, 1992

О, Парадиз! О, Парадиз!
Кто не жаждет покоя?
Кто не ищет счастливую землю,
Где они найдут всё, что любят;
Где преданные сердца и истина всегда в почёте!
Все ищут эту землю
Под святым взором Бога.
О, Парадиз! О, Парадиз!
Мир стареет.
Кто откажется от покоя и свободы,
Где любовь никогда не остывает...


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