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Mekong Delta, J. Jenkins

Heroes Grief    mp3

Mekong Delta: Mekong Delta, 1987

Hear them sing the tales of glory
About a man so brave and wise
He subdued the hated tyrant
But he's unlucky, hear his cries
Why, why, why
All of mine are dead and gone (why, why)
Oh, my absence was too long (why, why, why)
Bloody vengeance's what I swear (why, why)
Heroes grief, it makes me stong!
In the world's most darkest hour
When he prevents the fall of man
He shakes off the yoke of evil
He is the saviour of all land
Why, why, why
These betrayers killed my love (why, why)
But there soon will come the day (why, why, why)
For their treason they must pay (why, why)
Heroes grief, it makes me strong!
«After Karlaak had fall he went through the forest of Troos
where he met Zarozinia,
daughter of the fallen king of the Dreaming City.
He tried to part himself from his two glorious swords
"Stormbringer" and "Blade of Sorrow",
and was punished by the gods with the knowledge about his destiny.
He had to face the bitter truth of being an immortal hero
in the endless war between good and bad»...

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