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3 Inches Of Blood

Upon The Boiling Sea, часть 3

Isle Of Eternal Despair    mp3

3 Inches Of Blood: Advance And Vanquish, 2004

kiss the sand, praising the dry land he has found
everywhere on shore theres trasure all around
bury deep the horded loot far down below
no man or god will ever take away the plunder
he will find a cave to hide away the gold
doomed to a desert isle
all of the riches in his hands
no living thing around
but he will never leave the cave
alone with bounty gold
something compels him to stay
heaven or hell, time will tell
the captain thinks what will come of this
if this is the end, the gold must die with me
delving underground, to his dismay
the captain finds a curse
the isle of eternal despair, to spend eternity alone
the isle of eternal despair, with gold beyond his dreams
what a sight thats sitting right before his eyes
anceint spoils of the pirates of the past
skeletons are sheathed in gold by candlelight
hunger sets buts he will guard the jewels forever
now hes punished by the gods
forever pondering his greed
but hes doomed to eternal life
as a golden skeleton
the isle of eternal despair, doomed as his flesh begins to rot
the isle of eternal despair, knowing he'll never really die
as he decays into living, golden bones
eyes open watching for the rest of his life

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