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3 Inches Of Blood

Upon The Boiling Sea, часть 1

Fear On The Bridge    mp3

3 Inches Of Blood: Advance And Vanquish, 2004

Behold a speeding shape
A ship upon the waves
Racing swift as death
torment from the pits of hell
in seas where pirates dwell
the armada sets its course
shadowed by skull and cross-boned force
the crow's nest spots the flag
the captain's plans have hit a snag
with your lives, defend the gold
in a fire fight yet to unfold
opposing ships steered side by side
fear on the bridge is realized
cannons blaze in wood they blast
the spanish ship is sinking fast
raiders board the ship
plunder all their gold
as they're lunging for the kill
their riches will be ours
take no prisoners
leave no man alive
for the ransacking awaits
the decks awash with blood
fight to the death
there is no other way
honour will say
that captain's duel on the plank
when all are dead and all is won
theres riches here to steal
bodies scattered by the waves
for sharks do make their meal in flesh
rain begins to fall
their gold becomes out wealth
as they sink into the sea
no mercy for the rich
we wash their blood
from out bounty gold
we feast tonight
we're heading due west
for the secret island port
the plunder divides
but give a piece to the sea
when madness of the fever grips and greed is taking hold
nothing can ever cure your thirst except for rum and gold
nothing can quench the thirst except for rum and gold

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